Friday, January 30, 2015

Start Writing Again.

I got married, bought a house, adopted a puppy, and landed a full-time job. One thing happened after another, and I felt like my feet never even had a chance to touch the ground. I was either calling the caterer or picking out paint colors. I was making two-a-days to PetSmart (because we always needed something for Miles) and creating monthly budget spreadsheets. I was learning how to be a “real person” with a “real job” in the “real world”--that horrifying, ominous, kind-of-gets-a-bad-rep Real World. Not the “seven strangers picked to live in a house” real world, the actual Real World. Paramore even released a song about how tough this Real World can be.

“Don’t go crying to your mama ‘cause you’re on your own in the real world.”

Well guess what? The joke is on you, Hayley Williams, because I cried to my mom A LOT in 2014 and she was cool with it. Sorry your mom isn’t as awesome as mine.

In 2014, I became that thing that us twenty-somethings are petrified to become. I became an adult.

It was scary and overwhelming and I took a lot of help from a lot of people in order to find my footing. But thankfully, after a few breakdowns and panics (usually softened by the wise words of my parents and warm hugs of my husband), I’ve adjusted to this “real world” life. 2014 was all about growth. Sometimes, I regress a bit. I get The Sads and wonder if I’m living this “real world” life right. It’s a two steps forward one step back kind of thing. I’m starting to get the feeling that it may be that way for a long while.

2014 didn’t leave me much time to pursue anything that wasn’t wedding, house, or job related. Enter 2015.

At the beginning of January, I started to witness my husband play his mandolin a little bit more. He started meeting with some music buddies every Tuesday to write music. He was reading veraciously. He was pursuing his passions. He had made the conscious decision to spend more time working on his creativity. As I sat on the couch, watching Pretty Little Liars (because that show is awesome) while he had his nose in a book, I told him how proud I was that he had delved back into his passion. He looked up from his book and said, “You know, you can do the same thing. Start writing again.”

I used to write a weekly column for a website called CollegeCandy. It was an absolute joy for me. Every week, I got to release all my thoughts, feelings, problems, questions, lessons learned out of my heart and into that column.

As time went on, I felt like my time writing Confessions of a Twenty-Something had run its course. I left my column and CollegeCandy behind. Inadvertently, I also left writing behind.

For years, I’ve been so inspired by blogs like SometimesSweet, Harper’s Happenings, JennyPurr, and Momastery that I wanted to give my own blog a whirl. I want to tell stories, give advice and recommendations, share photos, create a sense of community and do a bunch of other things that I don't even know about yet. Though all I really want to do is create a space where I can write, you can read and we can relate and talk and laugh and cry and feel inspired.

So welcome to Vinyl & Paper. I’m happy you’re here.


  1. So sweet! And congratulations on the big year. It was one for me too, and talk about becoming an adult - I had a leetle baby! :-) and as you, I vouched to not give up on my creative outlets, including blogging. Welcome to the community!

  2. Lovely opening post! I'm in the midst of wedding planning, business and general priorities all over, and wanting to blog, but not prioritising and finding my time yet! You've inspired me to keep at it, and remember that maybe post wedding and when married life settles in, maybe my passion projects will grow easier!

    1. Thanks!

      Good luck with wedding planning! It's intense but so fun!