Monday, March 23, 2015

baby bucket list.

Jeremiah and I have been married for about 7 months now. I am well aware that 7 months is a blip of a blip on the timeline of our lives, but we're thinking about making our family a little bigger! We both want children together very much and this is something that we've been talking about before we were even engaged. I want to be a mother more than anything in the world, and I cannot think of anyone I would rather make a child with than Jeremiah (thus marrying him and all that jazz).

Now, don't get too excited, mom. We really want to expand our family, but we also want to do so many things before we do. Let me preface, that I know it is 100% possible to do pretty much anything when you have children, but let's face it, it can be a lot more difficult--a lot more stress, money, madness, etc. And we'd like to experience some things just the two of us (and maybe Miles sometimes!).

This week, my headaches have been off the charts shitty. It could be the cyst. It could be my water intake. It could be stress from work and life and bills and everything under the sun that comes with being a full-fledged adult. (Still don't feel like one...and neither did the mean lady at the bar on Friday night who called me a "child" when she was mad that we accidentally bumped her table and almost spilled her wine, but that's a story for another day.) These headaches have just been the bane of my existence and it makes me appreciate every single second that I feel good and healthy. It makes me want to go climb trees, dance to records in my living room, to go see concerts, drink wine and be happy. Now, I know I can do all these things once I have little chillins, but I don't know what life will look like when we have children, and I have a semi-good picture of what life looks like now--so what better time than now to do all the things that Jeremiah and I have talked about doing?

Enter: The Baby Bucket List

Jere and I worked together to come up with things we want to do, places we want to go, and accomplishments we want to work towards before we have our first child together. Everyone keeps telling us to "WAIT!!!" before we have children and enjoy being married, so we decided that going through this bucket list is the perfect way to enjoy our partnership. It's also a great way to deter us when we see a cute baby at church or the grocery store or pretty much anywhere and look at each other and think, "LET'S HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!!" (which happens often, trust me).

This list will not only bring us closer together, but it will help us hold off on the baby-making until we're really ready (Will we ever actually be ready? Who the hell knows! Yay! Life's unknowns FTW!). So without further ado, here's our Baby Bucket List (in no particular order)!

1. Meet our goal weights
2. Run a race together
3. See Niagara Falls
4. Go to the Grand Canyon
5. Finish solo record *
6. Learn how to make a soufflé
7. Plant a garden and maintain it (Completed spring of 2015)
8. Roadtrip to Colorado
9. Attend SXSW
10. Read 10 books each
(see our progress here!)
11. Dance at a "honky tonk" bar  (Completed Nashville Trip 2015)
12. Find the perfect truffle fry (Completed 4/7/2015)
13. "Unplug" for 24 hours
14. Learn how to play one song on the ukulele
15. Go to one music festival (Completed 7/24/2015)
16. Be a tourist in our own city (Completed 6/23/2015)
17. Get a couples massage
18. Volunteer at a food bank
19. Go to a comedy club
20. Take a cooking class
21. Tour a brewery  (Completed 1/3/2016)
22. Play a round of golf
23. Go zip-lining (Completed May/17/2015)
24. Spend a night in a tiny house
25. Take a day trip somewhere new
26. Go to a Cubs game
27. Go stargazing (Completed 11/6/2015)
28. Buy a really nice camera (Completed 7/24/2015)
29. Go on a long bike ride
30. Finish a 1,000 piece puzzle
31. Go indoor skydiving
32. Put our feet in the Pacific Ocean (Completed 1/5/2016)
33. Build a sand castle
34. Ride a ferris wheel (Completed 6/23/2015)
35. Go to a drive-in movie
36. Hike at Starved Rock with Miles (Completed 4/1/2015)
37. Take a train somewhere (Completed 6/23/2015)
38. Enroll Miles in an agility class
39. Dance until we drop at a wedding (Completed 7/18/2015)
40. Cut my Diet Coke habit (Completed May 2015! La Croix is the best!)
41. Write each other a love letter
42. Go to Washington D.C.
43. Spend the day in Lake Geneva
44. Stay in a old hotel (Completed 9/11/2015)
45. Write a song together
46. Get my name changed legally **
47. Save X amount of dollars in our savings account
48. Make S'mores (Completed 6/25/2015)
49. Take pictures in a photo booth (Completed 7/18/2015)
50. Train Miles to "drop it"
* Jeremiah specific 
** Katie specific
* Jeremiah specific 
** Katie specific

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