Monday, May 18, 2015

katie and jere do the nash.

Jeremiah and I just got back from a lovely long weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. We're trying to do a bit of traveling every month or so, but why Nashville? Well, it just so happens to be our favorite city. Jeremiah lived there for a bit back in the day and I've visited a bunch of times and fall more in love with each visit.

This time, we decided to try our luck with airbnb and stayed at The Cozy Cottage! I cannot even begin to describe how perfect this place was--so adorable and clean and wonderful. Easily the best place I've ever stayed on a vacation--just perfect.

Thursday Evening: Jeremiah and I ventured to my absolute favorite restaurant in Nashville--Taco Mamacita. I can't even begin to describe how much I love this place--it might be the cute neighborhood. It might be because it was the very first place I ever ate at when I came to Nashville. It might be because the food is just that damn good. I had two Taco Royales, a side of sweet potato fries and a glass of sangria (hungry yet?). It ended up being a beautiful evening so Jeremiah and I sat out on their patio and then ventured back to the cottage for the night to watch the Bulls game and get a good night's sleep from our long day of travel.

(This is a selfie that Jere took by himself because there were a lot of people around and I was embarrassed to take one.)

Friday Morning: We woke up early to go grab some coffee at Portland Brew right down the street from where we stayed. The coffee was delicious! Jere and I sat outside and admired all the cute bungalow houses on Eastland Avenue. As we walked down the block, we stumbled upon the best Free Little Library I have seen to date! A WHOLE LOCKER FULL!  

After coffee, we ventured over to Third Man Records. The amazing thing about Third Man is that they have the only vinyl recording booth in the nation that is open to the public--and Jere got to record in it! I won't really comment on how Third Man is basically a shrine to Jack White (so much Jack White everywhere), but that was the only thing that was weird about that place--the rest was awesome. Jere and I listened to some Laura Marling records in the listening booth and tried to figure out which car in the parking lot could have been Jack's (a classic Mustang was our best guess!). 

Friday Afternoon: After Third Man, we had some time to kill before lunch so we headed back to East Nashville and stumbled into a used record store called Fond Object Records. It wasn't just records though! They had old clothes and furniture and the weirdest random shit--Jere and I were both in heaven. We headed for a beer across the street at Village Pub & Beer Garden before we met up with Jeremiah's old friend Katie and her new baby, Chase! We had a lovely lunch at Mitchell's Deli where we caught up and laughed and loved on the cutest baby in Nashville. 

Friday Night: After lunch, we drove all the way over to Belleview to visit Jere's old friend, Mike and check out his in-house studio (We also got to meet his four precious kids who I wanted to take with me back home. SO CUTE!). After a drive back to the cottage and a nap/shower, it was off to Treehouse for some pre-dinner drinks. Now, this bar was COOL. It was in Five Points and um, IN A TREE HOUSE. We ate a late dinner at Lockeland Table 8:15 is late for us old married folks!). Lockeland Table was a quaint little restaurant in the middle of the Lockeland Springs neighborhood. Our waitress was an absolute peach and the food was rich and delicious and everything EVER. SO GOOD. There was also some country music star guy there with his girlfriend at the table next to us, but we didn't know who it was. 

Saturday Morning: Jeremiah woke up early and brought me back some coffee from Barista Parlor before we headed out for the day. We headed to Marche Artisan Food for brunch and though we waited 30 minutes in the rain and I hated life--the food made it all worth it. With a mimosa, I had the best brunch I've ever had. CROSSAINT FRENCH TOAST WITH OATMEAL. YUM DOT COM. We finished up brunch and headed to the Capitol District Street Fair to see our friend Garreth and his band, Sainthood. Though muggy and rainy, the fest was fun! I enjoyed a brew, pet some rescue dogs, and bought a bomb ass tank top. 

Jere took this before he left to go get coffee...creepy but sweet?

Saturday Night: Jere was craving barbecue for dinner so why not go to the top barbecue stand in the nation? Peg Leg Porker it is! We both had pulled pork on their patio and were in our happy places. It was pretty great barbecue (just another awesome recommendation from our airbnb host!). Then it came time to meet up with my old friend, Claire at No. 308. As per usual, she was hilarious and we laughed until we cried for a good three hours over some beers and Moscow Mules. She's been a friend of mine since we were 13 years old, and I couldn't imagine it any other way. Jeremiah probably got tired after the 10th story down memory lane, but we couldn't help it. So many wonderful memories with so much laughter. She is killing it in Nashville and I am so proud of her. We also got to hang out with our friend, Garreth who took us to a divey bar called Mickey's where I had my first Shiner Bock (not terrible). 

Sunday: ZIPLINING. WE. WENT. ZIPLINING.  We headed to Mammoth Cave National Park in Cave City, Kentucky and went ziplining with the Mammoth Cave Adventures Tour. We don't have any photos or video from our adventure, but I can tell you--it was fun as hell. I had to be pushed off of the first platform because my feet weren't moving, but after that, I was going with a running start. It was so much fun. 

He was so happy to see us when we got home! 

And now we're here...back home with the pup. Such a bittersweet feeling--and Jere and I both have that after-travel, post-vacation blues thing going on right now. Guess we just need to start booking another trip!