Wednesday, July 22, 2015


If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+ (It's still a thing, believe it or not!)--then you know that my husband and I released our first "episode" for our vlog that we have started. To get back to basics, a "vlog" is a video blog. So you know how I love to write and pour my emotions out onto the page and just bleed all the feels? My boss has been bugging me for months to start a YouTube channel with my husband. He has a YouTube channel of his own, loves to vlog and really wants to spread the YouTube love and create a little vlogging community at our office. Since he is so damn persuasive, I jumped on board and pulled Jeremiah, my husband, along with me.

And he is into it. He even bought a selfie stick today.

I've created a monster.

All joking aside, we had a blast filming and editing our first vlog. It was goofy and choppy and we're still learning so much about the science behind a great vlog, but we're having so much fun.

This whole vlogging thing is pretty wonderful on a multitude of levels.

First, I love to write. Jeremiah mixes up "your" and "you're." Jeremiah is an extremely talented musician. I tried to play the ukulele for about 10 days and quit because I have no coordination/rhythm. We're both pretty creative souls, but this is the first project we've come across in our whole relationship that we can work on together and be passionate about together. That's really exciting for a boring old married couple.

Secondly, as I'm sure most of you know, we're working on our baby bucket list, right? I try my damnedest to write in as much detail and depth as I can to paint a picture for not only you guys, the readers, but for Jere and I--so that we can keep these memories fresh, but what better way to do that than some new-age home movies?

We're not doing this to get "famous" or to become the next like, Jenna Marbles, we just want to share our lives with people and have fun while we do it! I will still be posting on my blog (even though I've been slacking like WHOA lately), but I hope we get more vlogs on the books too. I really just want to thank everyone for being so supportive of my blog and our vlog and all the other adventures that I get myself into.

Stay tuned!


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